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A responsive website is one that resizes and changes layout to suit the device it's being viewed on.

This means the if it is viewed on a phone or tablet it looks as good as it does on a desktop and as a result search engines will rank it as 'Mobile Friendly'. With over 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, and this number continuing to increase, why would you not want to cater for the format?


Mobile Usage Stats

  • 63% of adults in the UK access the internet on the go (ONS, 2013)
  • 28% of online purchases are made using a tablet (pwc, 2012)
  • 56% of American adults have a smartphone (Pew, May 2013)
  • 35% of American adults own a tablet computer (Pew, May 2013)
  • 2.16 billion smartphones in use worldwide at end of Q1 2016

UK Smartphone Users 2011 - 2018 in millions

This chart shows the number of smartphone users in the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2014 and provides a forecast through 2018. The forecast estimates that the number of smartphone users will reach about 44.9 million by 2017.

Hopefully these stats covering online mobile usage have convinced you of the importance of having a mobile friendly website and remember these figures aren't shrinking they are growing year on year. Whether you have an E-Commerce site, a user forum, publish a blog or advertise your handy skills, by failing to make use of a responsive design, you are potentially excluding a large portion of global online users.

At SoS Web Design we believe in only building responsive websites that will allow the widest range of users to see your site in the best possible way. So whether it's being viewed on a Android phone, an iPhone, an iPad, a Microsoft Surface Tablet or even a good old fashon desktop Mac or PC the site we will build with you will look great.

But does making my site responsive mean doing everything twice?

No... responsive means that the webpage resizes and rearranges the sections on it to suit the screen size being used to view it. This means that in the simplest terms you build the page once and it will work on all devices. 

Can I hide or show different things on a mobile and a desktop?


Can you see the red bar chart further up this page?

No, well that's because you are viewing this page on a mobile or tablet and we have set it to be hidden on those devices. 

Say for example you have a large scrolling banner at the top of your homepage that may take a long time to load over slower mobile connections it might be wise to hide this by preventing it loading on a mobile or a chart or table that simply would be unreadable if resized to fit a phone screen. Another example might be opening a PDF document in a popup. As these work well on a desktop but not on a mobile we would ensure that they open in a seperate page on a mobile rather that in a popup.

Apart from looking good, does it have any benefits to search engine rankings?

Yes... Since April 2015 Google has included mobile friendliness in the criteria for rankings. This means if your website isn't mobile friendly it may be returned lower in the results on a search performed on a phone. I'll refer you to the section above to see what that could mean for your business moving forward.

So why doesn't everyone build mobile friendly websites?

To be honest it beats the hell out of us why not!
If you really pushed for an answer it would be that it's still seen as an optional extra or a chance to 'upsell' a client and charge them more money for that feature. Therefore some clients, either on a tight budget or that just haven't grasped how important it really is to be mobile friendly simply say no thanks and end up with a sub-standard site.

We don't believe in charging extra for something that should now be seen as a basic fundimental of website design and therefore, you won't find us adding on money to your bill when you ask 'Will my new site work on a phone?' you'll just hear us say 'Of course'.

Well I hope this article has made some sense to you but please feel free to contact us using the form on this page if you'd like to discuss it or if you'd like us to undertake a free mobile compatablity test of your existing site.

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