Social Media in SEO

Love it or loath it social media is for the the most part here to stay and with its continuing growth in cross generational popularity it's something you can't ignore when it comes to your SEO campaign.

Stats in 2016 showed that daily social media usage of global internet users amounted to an astonishing 118 minutes per day, up from 109 daily minutes in the 2015 and 103 minutes in 2014.

That means that we are spending on average over 12% of our waking hours on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagam etc. And as the figures also show the normal daily time spent online is now 3 hours so you really can't ignore what people do for two thirds of that time.

So how is social media going to help me?

Search engines like google and bing now take social presence into account when ranking your website, likes and retweets all help establish credibility for your site. In the old days good SEO was all about link building, getting links to your site on as many other sites as possible and the quality of those site didn't really matter. These days poor quality link building is as likely to do as much harm as good and may even earn you a little slap from google!

Social media is a great way to get links to your content out there to well let's face it, as close as you get to a captive audience online. The more likes and shares the social profiles linked to your site get the better it will appear in the eyes of the search engine spiders.

How to use social media to promote site

If you think about how Facebook and twitter work it's easy to reach a mass audicence quickly.

Social media allows you to spread your online reach faster

If you produce good quality content and then share it across social media you can watch others interact and share it as well.

Then comes the “social” part.

You shouldn't just put it out there and cross your fingers that it gets picked up, you should be interacting with your social following and getting them involved. It's true that when people feel involved and connected to your brand it results in wider, more frequent sharing. While it can be hard to dedicate time each day to social interaction, you should make sure you are doing it as the returns can be amazing.

An active social media profile drives high quality website traffic to your site.

General link building is all well and good and does still have its place to increase the authority of your site but in reality it doesn't deliver relevant traffic.

Social media on the other hand drives REAL traffic to your website.

Why?, well look at it this way if someone is engaging with your content or brand on social media then they have an obvious interest or connection to it. These are the type of visitors are delivered to you site 'warm' and that is the type that eventually turn into customers.

How can SoS Web Design help your social media Presence?

Whenever we engage with a new customer we discuss their current social media usage, do they have facebook pages setup, are they tweeting already? If not we can help you set these up and of course get them linked to your site so that sharing your content is as easy as possible. If they do already have them we review how they are being used and help optimise them. 


If you'd like to discuss how social media can help your business and the support we can give you simply contact us today.

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