Mobile Phone vs Desktop Internet Usage

Mobile phone and tablet usage has risen sharply over the last 5 years and with the advances in data speeds and technology it was inevitable that they would eventually surpass traditional desktops for surfing the web.

Well in October 2016 that is what happened for the first time.

Desktop vs Mobile Usage

The figures show the percentage (%) of internet use on desktop machines versus mobiles and tablets.
In October 2016 usage on mobile devices hit 51.3% and for the first time exceeded the usage on desktops. By 2018 it is estimated to rise to around 80%.

What does this mean?

From a website design point of view it means that you need to make sure your site works smoothly across both desktop & mobile devices so you don't lose business. If your users can't see or access your content easily they are likely to give up and go elsewhere so your website needs to be responsive and mobile friendly so it shows the correct version for the device being used to view it.

For more information on this read our article What is a Responsive Website and why should I want one?

How can SoS Web Design help?

We specialise in responsive website and as standard every site we build will work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices as standard. Contact us today to find out how we can help you more or for a free review of your existing site.

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